We are adventurous eaters and like to sample all the local flavors whenever we visit someplace new. Pearl Street and the surrounding downtown area have a wide variety of dining options, and we have arranged them into what we consider to be the essential food groups: Coffee, Breakfast (and Breakfast Burritos), Burgers, Everything Else.


Vic’s Coffee

[yelpprofile method=”business” id=”vics-boulder” align=”right”]
2680 Broadway 

Jill’s favorite for a Mocha, this coffee shop has multiple locations across Boulder.


Trident Bookseller and Cafe

940 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”trident-booksellers-and-cafe-boulder” align=”right”]

On the far West End of Pearl Street, this is a nice spot to grab a coffee and read a book from the attached bookstore.


1015 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”ozo-coffee-co-boulder-3″ align=”right”]

Also on the West End of Pearl Street, Ozo lets you pick the type origin of the coffee as well as the brewing style. We can vouch for their single cup pour-over of Guatemalan origin beans.



1825 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”boxcar-coffee-roasters-boulder” align=”right”]

Boxcar roasts their coffee on site, and has an attached sister store – Cured – that sells a variety of meats and cheeses to snack on.

Laughing Goat

1709 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”the-laughing-goat-boulder” align=”right”]

The Laughing Goat has a little bit of everything – coffee, beer, wine, food – and an open front of the cafe with tables outside on the sidewalk.



1035 Walnut Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”amante-coffee-boulder-2″ align=”right”]

Just off Pearl Street, Amante has the feel of an Italian cafe – serving gelato and liquors along with the usual espresso based drinks.


Breakfast & Breakfast Burritos

In New York, you can’t find a decent breakfast burrito and in Boulder, you can’t find a decent breakfast sandwich – which is funny, since they fill the same purpose of a portable meal that is ubiquitous before noon. We have listed our picks for the best breakfast burritos in additional to some more traditional breakfast/brunch options. You can also check out a photo round-up of some of our favorites here.

Illegal Pete’s

1447 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”illegal-petes-boulder” align=”right”]

This is our go-to spot for a custom made breakfast burrito. Similar format to a Chipotle, Illegal Pete’s swaps out the chicken, steak and pork for eggs, potatoes, and chorizo or bacon in the mornings. We highly recommend adding some of the homemade green chile to your creation.


1325 Broadway Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”santiagos-v-mexican-restaurant-boulder” align=”right”]

Located across from the CU campus, the $2 breakfast burritos from Santiago’s are easy on the wallet and pack a punch with their spicy green chile.

Mame’s Breakfast Burritos

All Over Boulder

Mame’s supplies pre-made burritos to the local coffee shops all over Boulder. Not as great as fresh-made, but good in a pinch. We recommend the Spicy Sausage burrito. You can find these in Vic’s Coffee, Ozo Coffee, and The Laughing Goat.


2524 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80211 [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”jack-n-grill-denver” align=”right”]

This is not a meal for the faint of heart. Featured on Man vs Food (video), Jack n Grill is famous for a 7-lb breakfast burrito. We took the trip into Denver to face this monumental meal, and unsurprisingly, left defeated. Take a look at the monstrous plate, and our attempt here.

The Buff

1725 28th Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”the-buff-restaurant-boulder” align=”right”]

Also featured on Man vs Food, the Buff is a casual brunch favorite attached to the Best Western Golden Buff Lodge Hotel. Besides good home-cooked breakfast fare, they sling $0.99 bloody marys and mimosas.


1617 Pearl Street  [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”snooze-boulder” align=”right”]

We’ve never been to Snooze, partially because there always seems to be a line out the door! The reviews are good, so this is definitely on our list for wedding week.

Walnut Cafe

3073 Walnut & 673 S Broadway  [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”walnut-cafe-boulder” align=”right”]

If you’re willing to adventure just a little bit outside of downtown, you’ll be rewarded by a breakfast, brunch or lunch at either location of the Walnut Cafe. Casual diner feeling with a creative menu and delicious breads, muffins and pies.


2124 14th Street  [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”luciles-boulder” align=”right”]

Lucille’s is know for some cajun southern-style comfort food, particularly their beignets, cheese grits, and biscuits.



You can’t go wrong with a burger, and Colorado has certainly made it’s mark in the burger world. Larkburger and Smashburger were founded in Colorado, and have since expanded cross state and nationally. Check out what has made them so popular, another recommendation in the downtown area.


2525 Arapahoe Ave.[yelpprofile method=”business” id=”larkburger-boulder” align=”right”]

Near the 29th Street Mall, Larkburger is an all-natural take on chains like Five Guys, Shake Shack, and In-n-Out. Everything from the packaging to the ingredients and operations is all natural and environmentally aware. But don’t think this is healthfood — we are fans of the 1/3lb Larkburger, Truffle-Parmesan fries and Five Dollar shakes.


1650 28th Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”smashburger-boulder-2″ align=”right”]

Also near the 29th Street Mall, Smashburger does just what the name says — smashes it’s burgers into ultra-thin patties. Each franchise has it’s own special burger, and it Boulder it is the Colorado Burger — a spicy combo of mild green chiles, cheddar and pepper jack cheese, with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a spicy chipotle bun. Definitely a three-napkin burger. Excellent sweet potato fries here also.

Rueben’s Burger Bistro

1800 Broadway [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”ruebens-burger-bistro-boulder” align=”right”]

One block off Pearl Street, Rueben’s is decorated in the style of professional cycling, and has a monstrous beer list that focuses on Belgian brews and a nice variety of burgers with velo-centric names served on their signature pretzel buns.


Everything Else


1601 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”aji-boulder-2″ align=”right”]

Great Latin American food. If you ask, they’ll also give you the menu of the vegetarian restaurant next door (Leaf) and you can order from their kitchen as well.

Bacaro Venetian Taverna

921 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”bacaro-venetian-taverna-boulder” align=”right”]

Bacaro is an Italian restaurant on the West End of Pearl Street. We really like dining outdoors on their rooftop area and bar.

Boulder Cafe

1427 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”boulder-cafe-boulder” align=”right”]

Centrally located cafe and bar with outdoor patio seating. Great for people watching along the pedestrian mall. We can recommend their fondue and happy hour.

Dushanbe Tea House

1770 13th Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”boulder-dushanbe-teahouse-boulder” align=”right”]

The Tea House is one of Boulder’s most unique restaurants.  The entire building was a gift from Boulder’s sister city, Dushanbe, in Tajikistan. It’s one of the most stunning buildings you’ll ever set foot in, and all the decorations were hand-painted and hand-carved by Tajik craftsmen.  It was then disassembled, shipped to Boulder, and then reassembled several blocks away from the Pearl Street Mall.  You can stop in just for a cup of tea or sit down and enjoy an entire meal there.

Brasserie Ten Ten

1011 Walnut Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”brasserie-ten-ten-boulder” align=”right”]

Located across the street from the luxurious St. Julien Hotel and Spa, this French inspired restaurant is one of more the ‘fine dining’ options in town.

Illegal Pete’s

1447 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”illegal-petes-boulder” align=”right”]

Where to go if you want a burrito in Boulder.  Located right on Pearl Street.  This is also a great place for a late-night snack – they’re open until 2:30am most nights.

Jax Fish House

928 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”jax-fish-house-boulder” align=”right”]

Boulder’s seafood spot. Happy hour 7-days a week, which include $1 oysters flown in daily.


The Kitchen

1039 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”the-kitchen-boulder” align=”right”]

Highly recommended restaurant for a farm to kitchen meal. There are three restaurants on the premise: ‘The Kitchen’ (traditional menu, most pricey) ‘The Kitchen Next Door’ (more casual, communal table feel), as well as ‘The Kitchen Upstairs’ (small plates).

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery

1535 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”mountain-sun-pub-and-brewery-boulder” align=”right”]

Affordable healthy “bar” food. If you’re not a beer drinker, their raspberry wheat is a good one to try.

Oak at Fourteenth

1400 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”oak-at-fourteenth-boulder” align=”right”]

Oak is a new stylish restaurant in the middle of the mall, with a focus on small and large plates meant for sharing.


Pizza Colore

1336 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”pizza-colore-boulder” align=”right”]

The cheap pizza in the vicinity of the major bars downtown is not a coincidence. Open late, and crowded after last call.

Pizzeria Locale

1730 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”pizzeria-locale-boulder” align=”right”]

Wood fired pizza and extensive wine list with a cool decor and outdoor seating along Pearl. Not to be confused with Pizza Colore (above).

SALT the Bistro

1047 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”salt-the-bistro-boulder” align=”right”]

Formerly a local favorite called Tom’s Tavern, Salt is a popular restaurant with an nouveau american menu that can be hard to get into on the weekends. If you can’t get a table, we recommend The Kitchen restaurants a few doors down.

Ted’s Montana Grill

1701 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”teds-montana-grill-boulder” align=”right”]

The local outpost of the Ted’s chain deals in burgers, steaks and chops. Could be a good place to try some Colorado bison.

The West End Tavern

926 Pearl Street [yelpprofile method=”business” id=”the-west-end-tavern-boulder” align=”right”]

A bar-centric menu, West End has some killer wings and burgers along with some good happy hour deals that extend to food as well as drinks.